Children’s natural curiosity lends itself easily to learning through play. Finding the right games and toys for your child can therefore provide many benefits for their early development. At the Easy Learning Shop, we care about early development, providing an array of educational games to choose from, including those that are sustainable and long-lasting.

Whilst number games for kids in the stages of early development provide many benefits, we will outline just five of those benefits here, including brain gym, perseverance, monitoring progress, social-emotional development, and repetition.

Brain Gym

There is a good reason the abacus has been around for so many centuries. The abacus, like many number games for kids, has been proven to sharpen even the youngest of minds. Children learn coordination and motor skills, becoming entranced by shapes and colours.

Plus, it has been found that young children who use an abacus at an early stage of development end up liking numeracy sooner, develop speed, and overall increase brain development — which helps them exceed in other areas too. Such number games are also sustainable, and long-lasting, and can be found in our wooden toy shop. Such traditional games have been known to work time and time again, aiding development through play.

Perseverance and Problem-Solving

No matter your child’s age or stage of development, it’s important to teach perseverance and nurture their problem-solving skills. Maths puzzles for kids provide an engaging and encouraging way for children to take as many attempts as they need through exploration and natural curiosity.

Through the adventures that are educational games, toddlers do not need to feel any sense of having got something ‘wrong’, but can inquire themselves through repetition and discovery how things work whilst preparing them for school. As your child grows, at the Easy Learning Shop we also have learning games that supplement what students learn at school, installing resilience both inside and outside the classroom.

Monitoring Your Child’s Progress

As you watch your child learn through play, you gain a greater depth of understanding about not only what they enjoy, but how they are developing.

Just like teachers are told to let their students learn through inquiry and to observe their progress, as a parent, letting your child take the reins through their own exploration and learning also gives you space to sit back and watch their abilities and growth. This can also help identify areas where you are happy your child has developed and where you may want to expand their learning through educational games.

Social-Emotional Development

Many kids’ educational games can be shared. Whether your child plays with you, their siblings, friends, or peers, learning games are a great way for children in their early development to learn how to share and communicate. Through games, children learn to take turns, learn from watching others, and develop a sense of collaboration with team problem-solving.


Kids educational games also present a fun and engaging way of repeating the same numerical content. We offer an exciting range of traditional toys at Easy Learning Shop which your child will want to play again and again. Through this, children learn that education is fun, and in turn will practice number games, gaining more and more confidence when it comes to numeracy, all whilst having fun and staying entertained.

Number games for kids then are an engaging and entertaining aid for early development with many different styles of games to choose from to help give your child the best start.