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You are welcome to shop online with us, but we are also happy to see you in-store at The Easy Learning Shop which is located at 31 Westgate in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

We have a full range of educational and wooden toys, bringing a little something to the high street.

We specialise in Educational and Wooden Toys, Games & Puzzles, the type that lasts through childhood. We try our hardest to select the very best products, especially those made from natural or sustainable materials.

Brilliant designs with vibrant colours, our Toys, Games & Puzzles encourage children to use their imagination and find different ways to play and learn. Toys like these also help children develop other early learning skills such as sorting, problem-solving and fine motor/coordination. Many products are developed to help with schoolings such as S.T.E.M and Key Stages.

If you are looking to give youngsters the best start in their learning, talk to us first and we can give you the right information and advice as to the best products to meet your needs.

Proud to support

Helping children and young people with disabilities to access funds towards adapted equipment including powered wheelchairs, trikes, adapted buggies and tough beds – to name a few!

Why should you buy our toys ?

Our toys are beautifully designed.

  • Eco-Friendly toys are more user-friendly as they are made from a natural product.
  • We have a large range of FSC wooden and eco friendly toys and games which are kinder to the environment and can be passed on to the next generation
  • Our toys are more resistant to breaking or damage
  • Our toys are easy to keep clean and more hygienic
  • We love our ranges of puppets and soft toys suitable from birth

We have a large range of toys from some of the best UK independent manufactures

We hope you like our online store and you are always welcome to get in touch with us with any questions you may have we are based in the beautiful Cathedral City of Ripon in North Yorkshire. We are real people with a real shop who love to help families experience these toys and educational games. Customer service is very important to us no matter if you are buying from us online or in store.

Pete & Estelle  

A personal story from me

Since 2016, after having a bad fall and smashing my back, I have been diagnosed with Allodynia & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

Each day is a Struggle but, if you know me personally, I still carry on each day with my part time jobs and running our little shop. I have been on all the recommended medicines, visited pain clinics and even had huge needles put in my back to try and relieve this pain.

It has come to the stage now, as each year my condition is getting worse, I have had to look for a different solution for the pain and the Medication Increased my Weight,  So I Have got involved with Herbalife – It is expensive but easing my pain and Helping me Try and Keep Healthy and trying to Control this condition has no price tag. Also if you like Herbalife Products you can Help pay for them by Sharing Herbalife with Friends 

Join the Journey with me, Make a difference, have fun 

The link below gives you more details

Please get back to me if you would love more information

Peter Wilkinson