Yoga Snap Playing Cards


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I would like to introduce Yoga Snap playing cards, which are created as a new take on the classic game Snap, with a wellbeing twist.

Introducing an innovative Yoga Snap playing cards which deliver ‘wellbeing’ and much more,

Yoga Snap is designed for little hands, these playing cards pack a real punch, in that they are more than just a game;
Yoga Snap also:
• introduces children to the wonderful world of wellbeing;
• Promotes gentle mindfulness;
• Encourages healthy exercise;
• Develops calming breathing techniques;
• Provides interactive family fun-time away from screens;
• Stimulates concentration.
Brightly coloured, Yoga Snap is an eye-catching product with a wide, family appeal. Children will love the fast-paced, active games, whilst the wellbeing angles will strongly resonate with parents. With a price point pitched perfectly as a pocket money item, this is an ideal purchase for little people to provide easy, on-the-go fun.
Age 4 +


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