Cubika Flexible tower


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The toy consists of 8 colorful pieces of different shapes. The toy retains its integrity only through the balance of the elements. Familiarizes the child with different colors, develops motor coordination and fine motor skills.

This is a new entertaining toy, which consists of 8 elements. She looks like a fairy house, collecting which one can come up with your own story. The kid begins to understand that all objects have their own shape and size. The child sorts them according to a certain sign, color. A true delight will be caused by a correctly selected detail. But in the new pyramid there are no pins on which the figures are worn. The details must be put on top of each other so that the pyramid keeps its balance and does not fall apart.

All Cubika toys are made of eco-friendly wood from the Carpathians and painted with water-based paint, which has no odor and is absolutely safe for children.


Age 2 Years +
11.2 cm
18 cm
11.2 cm