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Welcome to the world of Whistle-Stop Thistle! Whistle-Stop Thistle is an engaging children’s book centred around the tiny town of Whistle-Stop Thistle and the little people who live here.

The tale of Whistle-Stop Thistle begins with a friendly magpie visiting the Thistle-folk and gifting them an object he has found littered in the woodland by humans. The Thistle-folk are curious about the object and throughout the book they try various solutions to how it could be reused on their miniature scale. The story promotes reusing found materials and recycling scraps, which is just what we did in production: we made the town with things that would otherwise be thrown away.

The book is illustrated with physical, handmade models. We like to call this ‘Puppet Illustration’. All of the buildings, sets and props have been made by hand, alongside the Thistle-folk characters themselves who are charming poseable puppets that can be photographed as they plod through the scenes. This is a format of illustration that is quite unusual and not something you see dominating children’s bookshops; Whistle-Stop Thistle is the result of hours of detailed model-making and is a story that will capture imaginations with its innovative visuals.


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