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Join Flashies on a journey into mastering every Times Tables question up to 12×12! When using these cards, combined with the free worksheets below, will allow your children to flourish with their Times Tables.

The first cards are our rule based cards; each one covers a specific set of Times Tables in the following order:

1, 2, 10, 5, 11, 9

Each of these cards are accompanied with a question card and a worksheet online. These tables in particular make sense to learn together and it’s important that your children master each before moving onto the next.

After this, there are just 24 different Times Tables left to learn! Flashies have created unique rhymes for each of these, utilising the power of word and story association to really help your children remember the answers. From the pictures available you may be able to see a few of these rhymes, and check out the video of the cards in action to see how useful they are.

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