Eduk8 Chalk and chuckles – hungrrry four


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Meal times are happy times. But the Lion, the Crocodile, the Bear and the Monkey are feeling sad. They are very, very hungry because they did not get to eat. Their respective foods have gotten totally mixed up. Do you know what these animals eat? Join the animals in a memory & movement game. Roll the die to tell you which animal to feed & jog your memory cells to flip over cards to find the correct animal food. Prance, canter or walk to that animal and feed it & collect a feeder token. But remember, there are other animals waiting to distract you! The 1st player to collect 5 feeder tokens wins the game. A riot of fun and learning for the little ones! For 2 or more players.

• Develops Visual Spatial memory
• Promotes turn-taking & cooperative Play
• Knowledge of animal food, sounds and movements • Builds gross motor skills • Enhances skill of giving & following instructions

Includes: 4 Cardboard animals, 20 food cards, 10 “Act & sound” cards 20 feeder tokens, 2 wooden dice, 2 eye masks.

Size: 27.95 x  27.95 x 5.35 cm

Age 3 Years +

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